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The first thing you know when trying to figure out the swing, is you should know that a swing is high or low and not a dip or dipy movement. What is this movement of the ball off the bat, after you move the bat? Do you see the ball off the bat and you see a dip? What about the bat moves in the circle?

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You’re in luck. It is called a swing.

Now take a look at a video and see if you can tell what the pitch moves off the bat:

In this case both ball and bat movement look right on cue. But what if you put both in motion and you don’t know if it moves right up to strike or if it moves off the bat, then you’re in big trouble. When you’re watching a video, I suggest you move the video to a higher frame. Sometimes when a ball is going from lefty to left-center and going right up and over the plate, it becomes difficult to tell. With the motion of either bat on a given pitch, I believe you’ll be able to tell, whether the ball is going to run right up or down and where.

It all depends on how the bat is moving to the pitch. I’ve been told that when a ball is coming down, the bat is moving faster than in the first two instances. If the bat doesn’t look to where the ball is going to go, you have a problem. Because when the hitter’s eye lines up and sees the pitch coming in, they may think the pitch’s coming around the plate and they end up moving the same as they did in the previous instance.

Your turn!

What if you have an exact mirror and you see the exact same motion on both the ball and bat and the bat moves up and down, but the pitcher is moving the ball just off the top?

The way I see it, if you see it with the mirror, then you’ll know it’s an “up” or a “down” motion. If you see it with both the mirror and the pitcher and they both look exactly the same, then you have a down or no motion. And that is exactly what the pitcher is doing. When the hitter’s eye lines up and sees a pitch going around or off of the plate, they will be expecting the pitcher’s movement and may be moving in a downward motion.

It seems like the pitcher knows what the hitter is looking for and the hitter expects

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