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It takes two things: the temperature of the waters, and a reference point. And when a player, especially in the playoffs, shows up, that’s going to be it.

A few days ago I was reading the new blog post “How to get started with MVC” which shows how to use the MVC MVC interface to create a single route web application. To do this, we’ll start off by creating an empty Controller using MVC.

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var MVCController; //Declaring our controller class in app.module //MVC controllers must first inherit from controller var controller = new MVCController();

We’ll be defining our controller’s methods inside a protected method which, when called, will invoke the current controller’s methods and trigger a controller update event.

protected function createViewController(): Controller { return controller; }

The new protected method, createViewController(), takes an object as a parameter – in this case, the controller we’re creating. A controller’s interface is similar to an object’s interface. That is to say controllers cannot implement all of the methods found on your object – although you can expose a controller’s methods to the outside world. The MVC Framework does this by defining a number of methods inside the Controller.View class. These methods are very similar but can be overridden. In case you’re thinking how it is possible that your view controller could override the MVC methods, remember that controllers must implement their own methods. For instance in the case of the controller createViewController(), the method createViewController() makes the view controller create a new MVC Controller instance.

private function createViewController(): Controller { //Create new MVC Controller var viewController = new Controller(this); //Handle event of controller update event for the controller //if (viewController.controllers.indexOf(“view”)) { return; } return viewController; }

The new protected method is responsible for executing the controller update event for your controller. This may be how the controller update event originates which is to say a controller’s method is being called from another controller.

When it’s all finished and you’re done with your controller, a view will need to be saved and restored.

private function setContentView(viewController: ViewController): Void { var controller = this; //Create view controller console.log(“View controller created”); var controllerUpdate = viewController.controllers.indexOf

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