How can I make 50 pips a day?

How many pips? How many pips do I need?


When you have more than 50 pips, what you are looking for is the ratio of pips per minute, which is called the pipage rate (P) factor. The P factor is the ratio of pips (pips per minute) to the number of minutes (hours, days) in a day.

For example, if you wanted to drink 500 pints every day, this means you would need 500 pints of beer each day (assuming a pint is 50 pints, so 500 pints times 50 pints, which = 1 pint x 50 pints). This is a very large number.

If your time schedule is similar to the schedule below that of the Scottish beer industry (for those who have had the time to read the full text of this document) you would look for a ratio of 1 pips to every 100 pints of beer. If you can’t do 50 pips a day you will need a lower pipage rate, and should look for something around 1 pip to every 100 pints (you can use a beer meter and your own taste or feel for this).

Beer Temperatures (T)

As stated previously, temperatures (T) in beer vary significantly from year to year and vary between different types of brewing. This is partly due to the effects of weather on brewing methods. If the weather is cold, this leads to a reduction in brewing temperature, and if the weather is warm, this is an increase in brewing temperature. The difference in temperature between one brewery and another also makes a difference in the pips from a brewing standpoint.

Temps are measured in centigrade – or ºC – and the units of temperature can either be Celsius or Fahrenheit. In general, it is the centigrade that is used in brewing, but some brewing equipment comes as a scale unit. The unit is sometimes referred to as the Celsius-Fahrenheit unit.

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Pipages – A Beer Meter?

As I mentioned previously, the beer meter does not exist. But the measurements in the document are accurate and give accurate results for a beer that has been brewed. In your typical home brewing, the beer is probably boiled for 20 minutes at a temperature of 72ºC (180ºF).

The beer will have a temp of 22 ºC (70 ºF) after the 20 minute boil, and after this