How can I invest and make money daily?

In my career, I did not find any way to make profits day to day. At work I had an office which I used to make my living from. The idea of “going solo” and living for myself made me feel very uncomfortable. For me, money is the most exciting opportunity. So I started to follow my passion for investing and I had the pleasure to meet a lot of people from different countries to build an interest in investing. On the other hand, at work I found the job very boring and I was always bored. In the summer of the two years of my internship we worked the same part of the year in the same office. But, it seems that people with more experience and knowledge in this field, who can understand the financial situation of investors and help them make profits, are more available in these companies. My experience of working with them made me a lot more confident and confident I can make a successful career in this field. I found out very quickly about how much work is involved in every small investment; and it is an investment that can mean more money during the investment, but also more time on the job. On the other hand, there are a lot of companies that are working for free on the side, not making a profit. They usually don’t have an office or anything to do there. My experience with that made me more motivated to try to get paid for my work, and to start building an interest to invest into this field.

I would like to invest in startups and start companies in other countries. How and when can I start? I started investing in my business and starting my own company in my home country. My first start was with The Bitstamp:

After I finished school, I moved to Paris (in the north of France). My friend, Yann-Gilles B├ędard, and I visited the Bitcoin exchange of Bitstamp, where we started to work there. I worked with them on my first Bitcoin startups. Yann-Gilles was an investor as well. We started to invest at the beginning of April 2015 and we were surprised to see a total of 2 million dollars in the first five months. We got a new website (we now use, we started a number of businesses (an international remittance company, selling products, which helps banks and financial institutions to send money), we got a new app ( with its own wallet, so people with iPhones, Android devices, etc can buy and