How can I become an intraday trader?

Intraday trading has not been part of the CME CME Group’s business since 2012. On a conference call with reporters on October 4, CME Group Chairman Robert T. Bullard said that there is “nothing new” to share about the next steps, including “what we will do now that the technology has made intraday trading an attractive and realistic business opportunity.”

Why did I take an intraday trading class in 2011 that required me to memorize 2,000 words about trading strategies?

Because I wanted to get my hands dirty with trading. I spent roughly 10 days at my local Citi and then returned home to teach. The students had to read, memorize and complete 100 trade strategies — a number that I had to increase every five days.

But did you really think I’d never take such a course again in 2013? As you saw in the videos and the video below, I can teach you.

Where to trade now: Intraday Trades & Strategies With a Certified Trader

What was your favorite part of the course?

When my students looked at their portfolios at the end of the day, each had a very different number of stocks and bonds as their main investment. Some portfolios were very high-quality, some were in the $500 to $1,000 range, and others were in the $0 to $45 range.

That’s a completely new approach for us and it’s made a huge difference. With intraday trading, you can do real world math and analyze your portfolio to determine the right amount of stocks and bonds to hold each year to help you achieve a target allocation, which is the most important factor in intraday trading.

You can even get customized training for your portfolio — whether you’re trading index futures for more money or individual stock contracts. Or you can make some of your own riskier trades, like picking the next big winner in the market.

Why would someone want to go through that?

If the opportunity presents itself for the right amount of risk, I think it would be great for someone to understand the nuances of risk and where it leads to the best outcomes.

That being said, I think what makes it exciting is that with the advent of technology, we can offer you such a unique and challenging experience without the need for hours of reading and memorization.

You should also know that the CME Board of Directors will review whether intraday