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Forex traders trade based on historical indicators and, as a result, we know that indicators have a profound impact on the market. Forex trading is based on the value of futures contracts. This means that every time a commodity is bought or sold, a different set of prices are set. These various price values represent different levels of risk, and this risk has its own characteristics as well.

The important concept associated with forex trading is that the traders’ prices are set based on the values of two sets of securities in circulation. These may be commodity prices such as petrol or energy, futures price for stocks, or indexes of index funds such as S&P 500 or FTSE 100.

The value of these two sets of data are called the correlation index and the trend index, and if the trend index is higher than the correlations, then that is a good indication and trading in that direction is a good investment opportunity.

How do traders use financial indicators?

Forex traders use these indicators to determine the price action and prices of goods and services and also to decide what direction of the trend should be traded.

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A significant percentage of forex traders are professional traders using indicators like correlations and trend, but most new traders aren’t even aware that indicators like the correlation index and trend exist – their trading is based on their personal market experience and the trading strategies they have learned on the trading floors and in the financial industry and on blogs and websites for the past 6 years.

Forex traders have the flexibility to learn a new trading strategy and it comes down to whether the trader wants to trade on a day-to-day basis or wants to trade a monthly basis. It’s important to know that trading strategies are specific to the trading platforms and conditions, and can differ from platform to platform.

How do forex traders select indicators?

The choice of indicators for trading varies depending on the platform and its environment; however, most forex traders use indicators that indicate the direction and intensity of the price action of commodity prices.

There are currently two major types of forex indicators:

The correlation Index (COI) that measures the correlation between two prices. The correlation index is the most widely known and well-used indicator currently. The trend Index (T) that measures the level of the trend for two prices or commodity pairs. Many traders buy indicator when they see a higher trend for their own price than the trend for the other price or commodity pair.

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