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Trading is our passion and we love finding innovative ways to bring fun trades to our audience. In this case, we have found an exciting trading system that creates a fun, exciting trading experience. Whether it is by trading in real time, taking your trades to another server, or trading with other traders, it is something that we believe is a very important part of the trading experience. Whether it is with your friends, your coworkers, or your colleagues, trading on the platform is easy and fun, and our community is just amazing at how much they enjoy it.

So you’re going to take your own trade on Bitfinex?

We want to welcome trade on Bitfinex on a daily basis, we will also have more than 20 trading pairs of the popular exchanges. In each trading pair there are two currencies (USD/BTC) and two types of trades (shares and options). These three things are what make Bitfinex unique and makes us proud of what we do.

Bitfinex is a platform for trading fiat currency, is it also the perfect place where you can trade BitStamps, which is the second most liquid cryptocurrency by market cap?

We want to welcome BitStamps (BTCUSD) and other popular altcoins into the Bitfinex platform on a day-to-day basis on a daily basis. We also have several trading pairs on the platform that enable you to trade in shares with your fellow Bitfinex traders.

You have the platform for USD trades. So how about the BTS market? What about all the other trading markets on the platform such as the GDAX and Kraken markets?

We can make these markets available as easily as trading on Bitfinex. With our BitStamp and other popular coins you can trade Bitstamps, Bitfinex or BitMex in one of the BTS markets. If we do that by default then you can trade on these other markets as well.

Are you planning to support the popular exchanges which are trading in BTS such as Bitfinex and Binance?
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We have planned Bitfinex’s BitStamp and BNB trading pairs on the Bitfinex exchange, which enable more users to get involved in Bitfinex. The Bitfinex platform will allow an additional 15000 users each day to trade either Bitfinex or BitBank. BitMex is also being discussed, we are working on a similar platform so new users can also connect

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