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This post provides an in-depth introduction to the subject of the market, in case you want to play around with it yourself. It’s still really, really new, and I’ve put a lot of work into making these lessons really good (in contrast to some of the others). I’m actually surprised by how much the market is still relatively young, and for how many years we should expect to have to keep it from becoming a full blown casino. But that’s also why it’s worth learning!

I think that learning to play the market is just as much fun as learning how to play poker.

How to Start Trading!

1. Check to make sure your account isn’t hacked

1.1 Why is the bank account hack the most important reason for avoiding the market?

Let’s face it: The market is not the most secure place out there.

As a trader you can put as much or as little effort into securing your wallet as you like, but if the bank account you keep as your security blanket is stolen, you’re probably going to end up either losing whatever your money is left over and in your account or paying big fees.

In recent years hackers have been able to hack a lot more accounts than they used to. What used to be a small problem, could be big as a whole.

1.2 What do we do if we’ve lost our account (or can’t close it)?

It would be great if we could take everything that went into it and not worry too much about it being stolen, only losing our personal security. Unfortunately that’s not realistic, but at least you have some information about where and how the funds went.

You can check to see if your account has ever been hacked in this article for Bank Security & Risk: How to Check for Losses & Receive Revaluation.

You also have the option of closing your account immediately, which is very much an option. Or you could do the following, and use the money you’ve saved for future purchases!

Keep your account safe by closing your account immediately.

If you’re worried about the money disappearing, you can always invest with it later (on a separate account) or transfer the whole amount to an investment account (so you can transfer the profit into it) and then spend it in a smart manner (for example, invest in some stock or exchange-traded fund or invest in a high interest savings account),

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