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The Washington Post’s Michael Grynbaum has a compelling essay about the history of racial politics in the U.S., and the reasons for that history. One of his ideas is that white people are more likely than black people, Hispanic people, Asian people, or native-born immigrants to live where racism is at its most intense, and the only way to end that pain is to make that racism disappear.

He writes:

In a nation increasingly divided along racial lines, the solution seems obvious. There’s just one catch: “That would require convincing every American to go back to the way things were,” writes Michael Barone in The Washington Post.

So, if we had to convince every nonwhite person to abandon their racist notions, this would be a pretty hard call.

Grynbaum writes, “But it might be easier if we could convince white Americans in Washington … that racial discrimination — a term that is so loaded with meaning because it has always been shorthand for discrimination against nonwhites — is a serious problem, and that whites need to do more to reverse it.” I’ll leave you with this excerpt of his article:

To many, that would mean going to the African-American community to convince black people to accept a new type of community … The solution for them seems obvious.

To the white people in the story, Barone writes, “‘Re-education’ is not the correct explanation for the long-lasting effects of racial discrimination. This is a racial problem in which the causes are multigenerational. White-on-white discrimination against the white community is a problem that we are just beginning to understand and address. Whites’ continuing presence in the South must somehow be reformed before the South can be made whole and the South is free to rejoin the national economy. The idea that this problem can be fixed by white people leaving for places they won’t see their children, grandchildren, or great great-grandchildren is a fantasy.”

The piece concludes with the question, “Is this the end of the American experiment in race-based social policy? The end of American democracy?”

As Barone concludes: “Race-based social policy has become

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