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Maktov: For the first film, I didn’t even really know what the Little Girl was supposed to be. I just wanted to do something interesting. It’s very hard for me not to write a fantasy movie as soon as I want to.

The Matrix film doesn’t contain any new “real world” situations like in the books. How would you go about creating the new scenes for the film?

Maktov: One thing in my mind was, “Look, I think it’d be a lot more fun if it’s not like that”. So what happens is that sometimes there are some new scenes that were just too far in for me to do. And they would be cut out of the movie.

How did you get the role of the Little Girl? Did you audition with the other actors?

Maktov: I asked a few people and, well, in the end I got the role after they said something like this—that I was pretty good. I think the actors didn’t know what to expect, I think they expected me to be more “spoiler”. And I didn’t want to spoil myself in the movie. So I tried really hard to write a scene that would be really fun to write. And a lot of people were interested in doing it. Some people weren’t really interested. I didn’t really understand that. I knew that a few people did, and I tried not to ask too many questions.

Did you ask the other actors what they’d like to have done as well?

Maktov: In the end everybody was really happy with the role. I think it was something where you want to do something very unusual, rather than to change something which is already a well known character. I didn’t think it really had much to do with the real world at all.

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