Who is the first magician in the world? – Magic Trickstroom Troom

The first magician who saw the universe?

Is this magician dead?

Is there a magician who is still alive?

Why are we so eager?

How can we see a magician

When we are not there to see?

There have been thousands of questions like these,

but no one has ever answered.

When the question had become something of a joke,

someone did it with a great imagination.

To begin with, they created words of words.

Words like ‘universe’, ‘magic’, ‘magnitude’, ‘universe’ etc.

The words became so complex that some people went off to invent things of their own.

Then they got caught in the traps of their own ideas.

So they stopped, put their own stamp on things,

and began again.

After a while they got tired of words, of words, of words,

They went back to the simplest things they knew.

That is why it is called the universe.

And that is why we call it the word ‘magic’.

So, here is your answer.

Will you go, on your way to the world of magic,

and create and create again?

Or will you let the words disappear again?

If you like, you might visit

the World of ‘Magic’ on


Thank you, for visiting.

(p.s.s.s. – the image on your screen right now is me making my first magic handbag!

It is quite a creation 🙂 ;))
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Here is you link: ( ) (This is an old post, but the link is correct)

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