Who is the first magician in the world? – 13 Awesome And Easy Magic Tricks Youtube Videos

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Well, that’s a great question… because I wouldn’t be the first; some say that I am… “the first”.

A magician can be a very big thing. I don’t think any one of us can be the first in all of mankind. I think it’s because there are so many magicians, people who are brilliant in every way, with many different methods. But at their very best, there are people.

People can learn everything they need to learn from them. But they could also be like us and just like other people – they could make one mistake and they might fail.

Because when we think of things, we also fail. We fail to do what we are supposed to do. But when we become masters of what we do, not the least of these things is to fail and to learn from that in the future.

When I was 12, I learned from a guy who had been doing magic for 20+ years. This guy had a magic trick that everyone knows; that is, he would make the person jump off a roof by using a rope trick. This was so hard that I had never thought such a trick was possible.

When I saw this magic trick, I was sure it was impossible. I told my mother, “My uncle, he thinks this is impossible!”, and my mother replied, “I know, but he is very amazing so that’s enough for me!” The same answer came from my uncle, and that is why, no matter what mistakes he makes, he doesn’t mind that he does it “too hard”.

I didn’t get this from a book, I learned it from my uncle. I still got it from him. That is why, I was able to take it, and from then on I just did these tricks.

Nowadays, I’m very good with the rope trick, and I know how hard this is. But this still doesn’t tell me that it is impossible to do it correctly so I always try to improve. And I never want to make my uncle lose his magic tricks. After all, if I don’t show it to him, how can he show it to me? That’s why I always have to make sure he knows how to do such a trick correctly.

So now I try to think about things correctly when I’m playing with the rope trick.

And I still don’t know yet. I’m always thinking to myself “this will take a little

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