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Papillon: I think the idea of magic was a part of the story when I first started writing The Witcher. Because I felt that the gods didn’t exist but the people. And I didn’t see a god, I saw a people. It was like a vision. That’s why this world is like that… a different concept to The Witcher.

We don’t have the ability and the ability to do a lot of different games. For my own game, I tried to use the original concept of the story to tell a story.
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We have no idea how to make money, but why do you even want to work on this?

Papillon: It’s because I love the game I like…

When you write about video games, are you trying to be a fan or are you trying to be a critic?

Papillon: I hope to become a fan. Because that’s the thing I want to do. That’s what I was told…

You don’t really listen to the fans? (Laughs)

Papillon: No… I’ve always said that the people that I have been working with so far, they are my friends and they are my family. They are my family. It’s not the case that they’ve let me use their voices, it’s the case that they’ve always let me use their voices.

Have you been able to talk with them?

Papillon: Every time I’m in the same room with them is a real fun. It would be hard to do this without each other… It’s a good feeling.

But, obviously, you don’t have to be friends with these people. It’s your job to judge what’s good or bad as a player. This is what most games are like for you, right?

Papillon: Yeah. It’s a lot of fun. But at the same time, at the same time, the people involved can tell me, “You know, we’re not really comfortable with this game,” or “You know we can’t tell you what you need to know about this game.”

Do you have a feeling they can tell you what you need to know about this game?

Papillon: Yeah. (Laughs) It’s a pretty good feel.

Did you write the story in two different ways?

[There are four scenarios in The Witcher.]

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