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When I first started playing D&D with my friend, James, he showed me the map and said “I want to see what would happen to this,” so we took our characters up to a mountain and built a hillock and I wanted to know what it would do. “What’s that?” James said. And so I played around with it.

Who was your first character built upon?

I was a monk. You know people like to talk about, like, “Why do they have to be monks?”. Well, the way I see the monk, all I do is sit on those logs and eat some food that I found in some chest or from the body of some monster. And the monks are the ideal followers, like you see in some fantasy books, but I wanted to play more like this in this campaign. So I was a monk.

You went on to play a paladin.

I played a paladin and I have been so far, as of this writing, the last player in this game that still hasn’t played a paladin.

So who was your favorite fighter in your initial dungeon crawl?

So my personal favorite fighter.

But you haven’t seen them as much as some of the players, so you would have to be really, really good at it.

No, I have, like, a half dozen favorites.

So, I want to make sure our audience has a few specific things to look forward to. There’s a new adventure, we’re talking, called The Sword and the Sorcerer. It’s not available yet. You can do it today.

Do you have any idea what that looks like that you’re writing?

No. Not at all. It’s just another adventure.

Okay. It looks great.

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What’s that like because you didn’t have time to write that particular chapter that you had to do a different kind of thing as far as design.

I don’t know. You know it looks really cool, doesn’t it?

Okay, so what do you think about adventure writers who are trying to get their names out there and maybe get recognized by gamers?

I think a lot of folks are a little bit confused about some of the different things that we do, but it’s always good to have people in the industry who are willing to go to some length to try to make things like this happen because people are good at it.

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