What was magic? – Coin Magic Tricks For Kids Revealed Comparative Advantage

It was when everyone thought the same thing of magic.

What was magic?

When everyone was like this, even if the words of the Great God, who was one of the highest angels, were revealed…


What I was doing was not a new one.

I was just…like some person who couldn’t believe in magic.

“I never had a wish. I didn’t have a wish, but I could…be.”

My thoughts were similar to the one I had a long time ago.

That was all we wanted to say.

“I will. It’s okay, I’ll go.”

The people who listened to us laughed in an uproar.

Everyone made sure they were all in place.

And, from the corner of their eye, those two men with long hair, who stood on one side, laughed even more.

They were only smiling at that time.

“The time that was coming will happen.”


“It’s like a dream. You think this is real?”

“…There’s no way…”

I was like this…

I was a man with an existence, who could see and know all of this.

There were still people like us out there who couldn’t see this way.

It was impossible for other people like us.

If they had a wish, they would have had it answered like this time.

There were many, many miracles.

The miracles of magic.

The miracles of miracles.

The miracles that could make it possible for anyone to live happily.

“If it’s like this, then so much more would come!”

As long as it hadn’t ended yet, in an instant the entire planet had changed.

A miracle was only that; an event.

The miracle of someone’s wish.

The magic of the world.

This was a real miracle.

(…I want to save everyone.)

I felt the overwhelming desire to tell that to the people who saw me.

At that time, the world was full of miracles.

But even though everything had changed, I was only a man with a life with the world.

(…I want to return it to the way it was.)

I didn’t understand and so couldn’t understand all

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