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This girl was an enemy, but she was my enemy.”

“This girl that was a princess, this is magic.”

“It’s really a waste if we don’t get a fight. Just fight with each other.”

Although they had a rough time, there was no one who couldn’t sympathize with the current state of Lyle and his party. The girls who were on board the carriage also couldn’t help but laugh a little.

In case an enemy was spotted, Lyle and his party would head all the way over with all they had to eliminate the enemy.

“This is a game and there is no chance of survival as long as we fight together.”

“Fufu, I know! When he was a child of mine, his mother said that a single sword match between all of us was the best.”

The girls laughed at those words, so Lyle nodded to confirm his own thoughts.

“This is the same for us too. But we’re going to try again soon. I’ll be heading out soon. Just in case, I’ll send everyone with this guy.”

“I think we’ll meet again at the training ground, or maybe the plaza next time. After the game’s match, it’s only natural to meet, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Just like the time when I took it upon myself to become the king’s personal knight.”

When Lyle said that, Liera and the others were looking at him with expressions that said they really wanted to take a second look at them. The girls also looked at everyone with an expression of interest as well.

That was the reason why he and the others were heading out. In this situation, when the opponents were all too close, it wouldn’t be a problem if they lost. It was only a problem if they lost, but Lyle had the intention of winning for what he wanted.

“Alright. Everyone, let’s take a break. And, after lunch, I’ll head out too.”

Lyle nodded at that, and headed out to the grounds.

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