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Superman, of course. The one who is able to create a duplicate of himself in the form of a human soul in the body of another living creature. With his mind, he can manipulate the minds of other people. He is even able to use this ability to fool certain super powerful beings. So far nothing has been revealed about the source of Superman’s strength.
This makes my mind about to go to work. It seems that this is a man who can read my mind, yet no one has ever managed to figure out how the mind of another person is able to affect his body. I want proof. Is that really the type of intelligence we need in our government?
I’m going to make a list of evidence that points to Superman using his mind to manipulate people’s will.
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1. If Superman reads my mind, he has the capacity of influencing my consciousness. That makes it a very powerful mind. 2. As long as Superman has the ability to make me think things and act in certain ways, he can control my mind. There is no way they wouldn’t be able to do this. I’ve read several comics (that I have not re-read before) and not once have I ever witnessed any crime or murder in the DC Universe. There have been murders and murders of innocent people. The only thing that I did see was a couple bad guys killing themselves. 3. All this manipulation comes at a price. It is known to not only weaken you physically, but in some cases even kill you. How does a human know the difference? The DC universe has proven to be a very violent place. There is no telling what could happen at this point in time. There are rumors that Supergirl, Batgirl, and Raven are going to start killing the criminals in order to save the heroes who are taking them down. 4. I am not sure if that is a good thing, or if it makes us weaker if there are people who would be willing to harm us. The thought of Superman being the only person to survive a murder is terrifying enough. 5. This manipulation is a very important aspect of Supergirl’s personality. We should not have people who are weak in their mind and the ability to manipulate them to kill others. 6. It makes Superman stronger in other ways. People have known that in the past without knowing it. However, because Supergirl can have a clone of herself (called the JSA or the Klyntian) and use it to her advantage, this also gives her the ability

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