What is the oldest magic organization? – Cool Magic Tricks For Kids Using Cards For Math

Where have we all seen magic before? The oldest and most popular organization in all of Creation is the Council of Nine. It was the first to harness the power of three. No such institution exists today. It was also the first to develop the art of magic. Magic is much younger than religion-it is a new element in Creation. I do not believe that the power to cast spells came to this new age. The old organization is now dead, and the new one is growing in power quickly. The oldest Magic is that of the Nine, but magic is used all across creation. The power of the Council of Nine was first discovered by the Old Gods. The Elders of the Council saw visions of an old being who had appeared to mortal men and, without hesitation, commanded them to destroy the entire race of men on earth, so that the Old Gods might live. So I think that, in this age of magic, there is no organization that has been around in all of Creation long enough to be called an ancient organization. If so, then the oldest magic is none other than the Old Gods.

Can you give us insight on the history of magic? Did these gods come into being or was it their descendants, or ancestors? The Old Gods would eventually become gods over the course of millions of years as mankind grew stronger and evolved into the species that we are today. The gods would have existed in some sort of primordial, prehistoric, or prehistoric region. They evolved from some form of God and eventually gained enough power to become a god themselves, but they are still gods. The people of this region never knew them in life. When the Elders of the Kingdom of Gods (the people of God) started the Council of Nine, they were not told that God had once been an Elder. There was no knowledge about the past of God. The Elders knew of God, but they just were not aware of the fact that they were a God. When the Elders came across the creatures that eventually become the races of human that we currently call Mankind, they were surprised to see that they were the result of some form of the Old Gods. So the Gods knew that this race of beings was very similar to the God that their forefathers had worshipped. So the God came to Earth and created mankind and, through the Old Gods, all other beings on Earth.

Can you describe the philosophy behind the Council of Nine? Did these gods seek to create the best life for their races, or did the gods simply

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