What is the easiest magic trick?

The easiest magic tricks are those that people can do by themselves.”

When he saw the man’s smile, Zhang Xiaohua felt as though a part of his soul had been saved.

He hadn’t expected this kind of miracle from the man.

The man had to go through several days of training to break out of this state.

The man was currently practicing the illusion of a magic trick in the training hall for three days. The training ground was so noisy that it was quite scary, and the training hall was too large for him to play there alone. At this juncture, he was wearing a black robe decorated with a red symbol made of metal and a black ring that resembled a dagger. It was extremely elegant, and it resembled the type of clothing that a noble lady would wear.

At this moment, the man turned around and turned his head to look at Zhang Xiaohua with his two hands.

Zhang Xiaohua was stunned speechless by his eyes.

The man was staring at him as though it was his most important treasure.

A glance, a smile, and a touch…

This wasn’t the first time that Zhang Xiaohua had seen the man before. However, this time when he saw the man’s smile, it was the first time that he had ever felt it in his life.

For a person looking at him with such great admiration, Zhang Xiaohua was a bit speechless.

A smile…

A smile that could have been made of steel.

This was the same feeling that people with high cultivation felt when seeing a famous chef.

A sense of superiority and adoration that he never had in his life.

When one smiled, they would feel a deep relief.

When Zhang Xiaohua looked at the man, his heart was filled with fear.

“No! I am in no way afraid of you!” he shouted again.

“You are afraid of this trick I just taught you? No matter how confident you are that you will break through to the next level after you break through to the next level, can you really think like that?” the man smiled mockingly as he said this. “You must know, I am also a master from the second layer of the Xingyi realm and a master of Illusion. This trick of mine has already left me with the impression of being stronger. I am far stronger than your