What is telekinesis power?

Telekinesis is the ability to control and manipulate objects and people through mind power. This is the ability of Superman to control his actions by thinking them. Telekinesis uses the same process in creating his body as Batman uses in generating his batarangs. Superman’s powers are similar to Batman’s but he can control any number of people or objects, without the use of any specific power, like Batman.

There are several reasons why telekinesis may be useful in certain circumstances, depending on the setting in which it is used.

In war or other situations when there is a chance of the life of an officer or citizen being in danger, the power of telekinesis might be of the very best. However, other powers of the same type might not work as well, unless the situation calls for such powers (for example, the power of time control. When Batman was teleported home to Gotham he was able to use a special device on the device. He could not get the time machine if someone was watching him.)

In the context of an ordinary crime, where nothing can cause a person to lose their mind, telekinesis may have some use, but if there is a specific reason for this use, a character may use another source of power to avoid this issue.

When a person loses control and wants to take his/her mind off the situation, telekinesis power, while helpful in this situation, is not always the most logical solution in order to avoid the problem.

Examples of Power Types

While most superheroes are able to manipulate objects, it is not enough to do so without the use of other power sources. For example:

A small child is being threatened by others. A boy uses a taser and a flashbang to get them out of harm’s way before striking them with his fists. A little girl’s father is trying to stop a robbery and uses a fire extinguisher and a taser to control him. Both heroes are trying to contain a situation, but the girl is able to knock the thief unconscious first with just a flashbang, and then her father, with the taser. The man uses a taser on a teenaged girl and a baton on a teenage boy and uses one of the tasers to subdue the teenaged boy. Superman and Batman used their powers to control the people they were on a police investigation.

Some of the powers that Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman have