What is psychic power?

Psychometry is just that: a form of power, a mind reading, of seeing into people’s past, present, and future – and in this country it’s still allowed! You’re only supposed to be able to practice it in the state school system! Can you believe this? I hope the law changes and you’re put in jail, my friend!” he ranted.

“You know there were kids who got caught going into the school with these devices at the behest of government officials,” he claimed, “but who don’t know that this is what they’ve been doing since before the Declaration of Independence. It is a very corrupt system, and what they’re doing is not just wrong, but criminal.”

“Well I’d like to take us up on a challenge and see if I can get that government official in trouble! Maybe that will convince them to do something about it!”

Trouble at H-E-B store on San Antonio’s Southside was likely due to drug-suspiricors being stolen from the store’s produce section, according to a manager at the store.

That’s according to H-E-B’s manager, which is at the center of an ongoing investigation related to its store in the 2000 block of South Larkin Street.

According to the manager, security surveillance cameras captured what appears to be a white Jeep Cherokee being driven down the sidewalk and leaving the store with at least six plastic-wrapped drugs and drugs and a bag of marijuana.

H-E-B did not reveal where in the store the drugs were or whether any would be seized by police. The store has since re-opened.

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Police said they’re asking anyone who may have information that could help them get the drugs back and hashed them out with H-E-B’s legal department.

H-E-B said no formal charges have been filed yet as the investigation continues.

Image caption It is illegal to wear a hijab whilst on a UK plane

Three Muslim women on Monday were arrested and warned after wearing head scarves during a cross-Channel flight.

The Metropolitan Police said they had been taken back from Gatwick Airport on a charter flight from Birmingham because of the alleged infraction of United Kingdom Transport regulations.

The Metropolitan Police also detained a 28-year-old woman who was found in possession of “prohibited clothing”.