What is mini tackle in magic?

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Mini tackle is a tactic that involves starting with a standard tackling technique, then adding a kick to it. The basic shape of this drill is a two-point handstand with the feet tucked into slightly more upright positions. When the hands are in place, the leg is lifted off the floor and the feet are brought up. The handstand is then continued with an added kick.

What is the difference between mini tackle and mini kick?

As with mini tackle, the basic shape of mini kick is a foot-solo with the shin in a more upright position and the foot tucked into the toes rather than out to the foot. The kick on mini tackle is a bit of an exception to the rule as the legs are kicked straight down, but the aim is to make it a more explosive technique.

How can I do this in my home?

It is easiest to practice this technique in your home, but if that isn’t possible then some variation of these skills can also be mastered in your own home. To do this you need some sturdy and accessible wood, preferably a thick solid oak (eg oak laminate) board. The technique you want to learn is known as the “Tilt Step” technique. A standard 2 metre pole (see figure 1) is used for this.

In addition to your wood board, you should also have four to six strong stakes (1.5 to 4 metres long to accommodate the poles, but ideally a solid oak 2 meter (6 feet) pole would work well) that can support the poles. A wood board is also useful for supporting the legs during the kick. The wooden board can be put inside or outside of the box (just to the floor) to simulate the height variation of your kicking area.

There are many variations of the “Tilt Step” technique to use when practising in your own home. It can be learned in a variety of ways and with a diverse range of skill levels and preferences. It is not a perfect technique, but it is a viable one when being practiced to its fullest potential by a variety of people. Some people prefer to start with less of the kick, to ease into the technique to ease the practice into their routines. Others start with the full kick whilst others start with the full kick, depending on where they are.

What are “double toe stops”?

Double toe stops are kicks with a double kick and the same foot used in the first leg. The idea is that you double