What is mini tackle in magic?

Mini tackle has been known as “Magic Trips” for more than 100 years. In the early 1800’s it was believed that a person could only make the most amazing tricks with the “biggest and nastiest” tools in the kitchen. The term originally had nothing to do with the tools themselves but that the person had a special way of making them. This technique has been passed down to the modern day. What is really amazing is that many of these tricks have been done using different tools, equipment and even methods over the years. You can see the complete list of tricks in the “magic mini tackle” guide or in the video above.

In response to one of my earlier posts, the creator and owner of F-Lab, John Nott, has stated that the following software might get updated to F-Lab’s 5.5 line of software:

F-Lab Pro (5.0): 3.5.10, 3.5.9: updated to F-Lab 5.5

F-Lab Live (3.0): updated to F-Lab 5.5

F-Lab Suite (4.0): updated to F-Lab 9.0

F-Lab Studio (4): updated to F-Lab 9.0

The first part of this update will not affect anyone else who has been using or developing on these software or any of the related components that these software uses. In the future, if any new versions of these software are made which might fix any of the issues they are currently facing, we will remove these software updates for all registered users, not only those on our forum or on the forums of F-Lab.

The second part of this update will be more beneficial to F-Lab users and those with a 5.5 license, but not to everyone:

F-Lab Express (3.7.1): updated to F-Lab 3.7
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We will be making no further maintenance releases of 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3, 3.7.4, or 3.7.5 unless some new product/improvement is released. These releases will most likely be for bugfixes.

This means that, for the rest of the time the F-Lab software supports, it will simply not be updated. While some users may be able to download the software and install it on an old computer, it is strongly advised that these users not