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You know when you think the world is going to end and you start to hear voices in your head and all of a sudden, every corner, every door, and every window is opening and closing. It’s not just you talking to the door. It’s the whole world talking to you and you are just the speaker. This is very similar.

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And like a person who is awake, and someone asks them what a candle feels like — it doesn’t feel like fire. Fire is only a thing you touch in your eyes. So what’s that feel like when someone is asking you the questions?

Yeah. So you’re talking to me and you’re speaking to all the other people in the world who could be thinking the same thing about your ideas and the world’s like, “That’s cool. I’ll check the mirror.” But you’re going to check your own mirror and you’re going to see the reflection of yourself.

In some cases, it’s a little bit of everything — but this is not the case. I have a lot of weird conversations every day that start in my head with people I work with but then they can’t be a good match because they’re people I wouldn’t trust very often. And once the person is in my head, it seems that I can do anything.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if everybody is dreaming now. I’m always in a trance, I’m doing crazy things.

I think it’s more like a dream than a story or a film or anything like that. I’m always talking, so I’m always talking. Sometimes I’m telling myself the story of the scene. I’m going to go to the bathroom, see if anyone’s down the hall, and I’ll look at my mirror and go, “Oy, I know that was me the whole time. This is what I was talking to myself about.”

But all of these things, some of these dreams that you described, have actually never happened. Not once, not ever. I mean, you say I was out of my mind in those moments of inspiration and all that and I was definitely feeling the power of the word, and the energy around me. But in some cases, if you take away the emotion of it and the feeling, then it turns into a dream just like that. There’s nothing in there.

There’s nothing in there to tell the real story.

Right. So what are you working on now?

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