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“Magic” is a term of art in the sense that there are no precise definitions, so it’s always worth a close read to understand the range of ideas that make up magic in fantasy. Some stories call for magic that doesn’t exist, or doesn’t exist on its own. But even on its most mundane level, magic is about something that can be created or destroyed, or created by someone or something other than the creator. In this way magic is an extension of the natural world and a set of laws that govern the way it works. But as much as we look for the supernatural in most types of magic and call it magic, we understand that magic is just a natural occurrence, a fact that is observable in the natural world as well as in our own minds. (As an example, you can’t make up your own laws or laws of physics—all they have is a physical basis, i.e. their structure.) To the extent that we perceive magic as being supernatural, then we are aware—we see the presence of a supernatural object or phenomenon. But we also believe that there may be supernatural causes for the supernatural and also not.
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For example, many fantasy stories contain elements of magical realism. One of the most common types is what is sometimes called “elementalism” in fantasy, which takes a strong view of the magical being something that can exist only by interacting and/or interacting with something else. The reader may be able to detect these interactions between elements of magic in the stories, or they will be invisible to the author. However, the reader knows that magic is about something that can exist only by interacting with something. Similarly, many magical realism stories involve elements that are invisible to the author (though often referred to as “unreadable” elements).

In fantasy, if the writer gives the reader access to such an unobservable element—for example, in the case of elements of magic that are not directly observable—that element can become a part of the story. For example, in “Shaping the Dark,” two elves go to the Great Hall of the Winter Court where they are told by the King of the realm and Queen of the realm that there are things about the dark or magic that are unreadable. (The King wants them to be in his court, Queen to her domain and the King to her court.) The King claims that there are certain things that even mortals, who have not yet made up their mind, cannot handle. There is also a King who has an army

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