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A link matrix is a structured version of a matrix that is often a hierarchical one. In many cases it can also be used when it’s not useful to display something on the screen (it is often unnecessary), for example, in a web page or when you want to visualize an idea in an Excel or CSV file. The link matrix is a way of showing this data by providing the links between rows.

What is a table? The table is a hierarchical form-factor for grouping a series of rows. The title or the content of the table is often visible when the page is displayed.

When to use Table

The table is a common type of form-factor. As such it’s a good choice for any kind of organization:

How to use Table

The example below shows how to display an Excel spreadsheet with information.

Excel Template

The table in the example below has a lot of fields, such as the user name, the date created, as well as the type of each field. But it isn’t used for any form-factor. The columns of the data are shown in the table by providing links between the rows. In the table template the links are also available through a keyboard shortcut.

Forming a table is simple, no matter which form-factor you use. The table can be as simple as a table with the following fields, which will show you the information:

Name: Name of the user.

Last created date: The date the user last created the data, usually in a few seconds ago.

Type of each field: The information you need in the field.

Field type: This is the type of the fields the user entered in the field.

Where is the field: The field will typically be on the right when displayed by using keyboard shortcuts.

The table template can also show the field values which can be found by using the following command:



Where is the field? This is usually shown with a blue color and the actual field value displayed on screen.

When using Table

The following example shows how to display the user information in a cell in a form-factor (with no keyboard shortcuts or a table). The table is organized in multiple rows. The table template is only visible as long as the user has the keyboard to select the table, as shown in the example below.

Forming a form-factor is still a simple task,

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