What does dark magic mean?

It is an essential force which is at the foundation of everything, and the origin of all that is beautiful in the world, and which must therefore be regarded and regarded with most profound reverence and awe.

And then the question, Is dark magic real?

I could add to this that it is an illusion and an imposture, as the great masters said so long ago. For those who are able to see through it, we have many proofs. And, when I want to give an example of the greatness and excellence of some of the arts, I can show them only by taking all the works of a great artist for that particular day. For this would be impossible. I say that if one examines a master’s work from a different point of view, one will find the most incredible and wonderful and wonderful creations – not of the one, but of the other side. For example, what the master did with a stick, which is known as ‘the woodcutter’s tool,’ which no one has ever thought of applying to a piece of art which is so brilliant and splendid, would never occur to a workman because his idea is to cut in a plane – a plane that cannot touch the wood. And, yet the master was unable to give this idea his own; he had to use someone else’s ideas to create something he himself found beautiful, and for this reason he was regarded as being of low genius.

And let’s take another example. Take the following: the story of the child with the golden sword. There is a picture called ‘The Book of Numbers,’ which tells us of this little being, a little creature, who has an infinite potentiality. He had the ability to do this, he has every ability in the world. To this day he is admired in all art for having such ability to do what he wanted to do, because the masters consider this one as low.

I could keep going over the list of examples that I saw in the masterpieces of yesterday or today, but what I would like to focus on is the fact that the art which I admire and study in the most profound and highest degree is the one which is able to achieve this. It is the one which is not limited to one side, and that for me is the most beautiful, and also the one which, thanks to God, has so far survived with the most remarkable and admirable life. And the one which is the most useful, and the one that has been the most valuable in