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According to the Bible, dark magic is defined as the use of dark magical arts to attain physical (physical dark) or mental (mental dark) effects for the benefit of another person, group of people or place or for any unlawful or evil purpose. It is the use of occult symbols—that is, the use of symbols which make supernatural, or supernaturalized, and which are meant to seem supernatural rather than to be explained, interpreted, or explained to be supernatural. Dark magic also includes such things as summoning and controlling ghosts or demons, summoning spirits of the dead, or the use of spirits or objects or objects with hidden occult meanings, or who act under the influence of invisible supernatural entities.

The word “magician” often implies that he acts more in a magical capacity than in a scientific one, and it is only possible to engage in magic or supernatural events in the course of science. The idea of magic is to manipulate things such as the human body without the usual physical constraints of physics and chemistry. Although a magician could be regarded as an expert in the art of magic, this type of author probably would not be classified as a magician.

Magical effects are not merely cosmetic or merely metaphorical ones, however. It is generally true that the things produced with magic include real effects, such as the appearance of spirits or creatures, the appearance of demons, or various human characteristics and attitudes, such as the transformation of flesh to metal or the transformation of a child’s or an elderly person’s features to resemble that of another person, or the appearance of a ghost or other strange animal.

The distinction between genuine magicians and magicians who use magic for purely decorative, scientific or other purposes is not absolute. This is particularly true if the magician is not a specialist in all aspects of magic: perhaps his specialty is that of a healer or healer’s assistant, so that he must only be considered a magician in the sense that he makes use of magic to alleviate suffering for persons less able to benefit from the assistance as well as in the sense that he uses magic to make people more easily frightened than before.

Types of magicians

There is no agreed definition of the type of magician, and no agreed criteria for classifying them.

The term wizard may refer to a master spell taker or magician, or it may refer simply to an experienced person who has learned the art of magic.

It is said that there may be up to 100,000 different kinds of witches, wizards or

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