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A genius, a villain, a crazy genius,” says James. “I think he’s a genius, maybe even mad.”

“Then there were those that we were always kind of wondering about. They were really cool. We liked the people that we were finding, and it was all very weird, but we didn’t feel like we’d found our own characters. We didn’t feel like we had done enough. We weren’t really sure what to do with the character. Is he a bad guy? Am I doing some sort of crazy thing? Was he a hero? What did he really want? We didn’t know about that. And then, when we finished doing the story, James and I started hanging out on this Internet message board called Something Awful, and there was this guy named “Dr. Z” who was doing the same thing. We never met him before, but he was doing some research on me and we said we need to work together. We just clicked. They did some research on me, and we became friends, and then from there we never stopped seeing each other.”

In addition to their shared love for comic books, James and I both own several vintage books from back in the 1980s. His is a collection of comic books, including various Star Wars, Batman, and Spider-Man issues. It’s quite a rarity, considering most of the comics James and I come across are either vintage Marvel comics, old DC comics or, in an age when collectors have started to realize this, old-school comic titles.

While researching my book I’ve found that a couple of people I mentioned in the interview I recently did, like I mentioned, were also making art online. One name was David Latham, and the following is a video with some short clips of his work:

“It was all done in Photoshop, mostly black and white, in just the four or five weeks he spent on it after getting it done,” notes James. “It’s one of those things that I always thought was cool, but was mostly just a hobby until now. It was also all done at his house, where he spent hours on it. That really struck a chord with me, his love for making stuff out of his house and his ability to just use his computer to his advantage.”

Latham’s work has been featured in various places on The Daily Show and has been featured in a couple of podcasts, including “The Bitter End.”

“I guess it was

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