What causes levitation?

The study authors say they “find no evidence” to support the suggestion that levitation is a result of chemical processes inside the human body as has been suggested by previous literature. Their paper states: “We do not consider that the existence of an anomalous levitation process was demonstrated as a consequence of the presence of an extra chemical molecule in humans.

“In conclusion, we don’t think the study shows us why levitation isn’t a fact after all and how our bodies could produce it.”

A related study, published by researchers at the University of California, San Diego in 2003, found no such phenomenon in human blood.

A new version of the Google Maps app for Windows, called Gmaps 3.5.5 for Windows Phone, is now available.

The new Google Maps for Windows, with Windows Phone-specific design, brings a new app interface to Microsoft’s Android and iOS applications, as well as some new features to the Windows version. The app, which also works on both iOS and Android, can be downloaded for free and can already be installed on Microsoft smartphones and tablets in the Windows Phone Store.

Google Maps for Windows for Android, a third-party app, is getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich support and also has a number of additional features and optimizations. This is due to Google’s Android support, which the company said was a big draw of Windows Phone 8.x, with more than a dozen different devices being supported. Google Maps for Windows for Android now supports more than 5,000 devices.

While Google is now the sole provider of Windows Maps, it was first developed with other app providers like Nokia, Apple and others in mind. As such, Microsoft’s version of Google Maps has always focused on making the map apps themselves responsive and useful, rather than relying on Google’s maps and technology. In Gmaps 2.7 for Windows Phone, Microsoft is making some changes.

The Maps screen now shows the current user speed in miles per hour and the current estimated time to get home when driving, in addition to other more precise metrics for the navigation. The new Windows Phone 8 app has been tweaked to work better in the dark, with brighter and more accurate colors.

There’s a new navigation option “Speed dial,” which allows users to call a location by clicking on the small box next to the address on a map and entering a number to dial back, or by pressing and holding the “1″ key on the keyboard. The text appears