What causes levitation? – Very Cool Magic Tricks Revealed

Most studies on levitation focus on the effect of force, either an external force such as that exerted by an electric charge moving through a material or a magnetic energy field emanating from a fluid, or some combination of both. There are many other types of energy that are believed to cause levitation, mostly caused by either small magnetic fields or small electric currents. The question of magnetic energy is a bit more complicated because electromagnetic radiation is thought to be involved. It turns out that magnetic fields in general, and small electric fields in particular, are used to cause the levitation phenomenon. If a small magnetic field were to pass through a material with no surface energy, the magnetic field would be lost through friction or chemical changes to the material. In contrast, if a very strong magnetic field is present on a surface in front of the material, then the surface energy is lost through the magnetic field. Some material types that make the most magnetic fields are silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2); these types of materials don’t need the surface energy to cause levitation, but when placed on an air cushion, or on a glass, they can have a strong magnetic field. Levitation can also occur if a magnetic field is caused by a low density gas, like gaseous oxygen, or by a magnetic field due to the loss of electrons from a charged object or the charge distribution of an electric charge.

Some scientists have theorized that a weak electric field is involved in levitation as well, but this remains to be verified. Some people have theorized that levitation may take place because of an imbalance in the electro-magnetism of a body, where the electric current in a magnet is much weaker than the current in an ordinary magnet. The electro-magnetism is in the body, but not in the surrounding environment, so the body will levitate. It is theorized that when the body begins to experience a low magnetic field, the body is becoming energized, and its electro-magnetism becomes so strong that it becomes a much stronger magnet, causing the body to levitate. Another possibility suggests that the electric field of the earth actually acts in a sort of counter-magnetism to the magnetic field of the body. This may cause the body to become so energized that its electro-magnetism becomes so strong it actually causes the body to move.

Are levitation and air resistance all the same phenomenon?

Not only are levitation and air resistance two distinct phenomena, there are

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