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What’s their function? How do I get rid of them?

You might ask this question because physical illusions have been found to improve our performance at tasks like driving and playing a game like Sudoku.

But what exactly is a physical illusion? Let’s break it down into three categories:

A physical illusion is something that makes you feel better.

What is a physical illusion? How does it feel to see something that appears to disappear? It’s almost like you’re experiencing a dream or that you’re going blind.

A physical illusion is something that will keep your mind occupied at every step of the way to completion.

What is a physical illusion? When you’re on it, it’s like there’s no stopping. The thoughts keep racing and you don’t know where to start. So even though you’re trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible, you keep on going.

A physical illusion is someone who is actively trying to get rid of the illusion.

What is a physical illusion? The person who is trying to get rid of the mental illusion is the mind.

A physical illusion is something that feels as if it was created for you to keep you going.

What is a physical illusion? If you’re working at a computer or a puzzle or math problem, it’s an illusion you are seeing. The computer is doing it. The math puzzle is created for you to solve. And a puzzle is created so that you can make sense out of your own brain.

So what’s the connection to the “you don’t have physical illusions” phrase?

In both cases “physical” and “illusion” are used in relation to a physical object.

Here is the diagram showing the basic structure of an illusion:


The physical object is one that is in front of you. The illusion you are imagining is a part of your physical body or the mental body, or one of the illusions created by the physical object.


Your brain does not want you to think you are the physical illusion. You are simply imagining another mental representation in your head.

But here’s the trick. How do you know you are using a physical item? That is called a physical definition. Think of your brain as it’s physical description of the physical scene.

Now here’s the trick. You must have a physical definition of every illusion created by your brain’s activities on that

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