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The Canadian Red Cross is facing backlash for a comment it made about Canada’s “inferior” refugee system.

On Saturday, the organization posted a video of Canada’s newly-elected immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, stating that “Canada’s refugee processing process is extremely flawed.”

The video drew widespread criticism from other social media users. “You have to wonder if the Canadian Refugee Protection agency would agree with the words Mr. Hussen used,” one Twitter user told the organization.

“I have seen no evidence on the news that Canada is in any trouble, only to notice that the Canadian government is spending money on a photo contest,” one person commented.

“My question is this, how can [immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen] not recognize that Canada’s processes are so flawed?,” another user asked.

In the video, Mr. Hussen said the immigration system was “extremely flawed” because of the fact that asylum seekers had to wait up to two years for an official response.

“This is not a fair process,” he said, adding that Canada’s system had “a very high rate of error, about 40 per cent for the last eight fiscal years.”

Mr. Hussen said his approach to the issue was an “optimistic” one, which said “people will come to Canada.”

“The way the system works, we are going to get rid of the refugees first,” he said, according to an English-language YouTube video posted by one user.
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In response to Mr. Hussen’s comments online, the Red Cross posted another video, saying many people had misunderstood his comments, and the organization hoped to restore the original video in the near future.

The video said Mr. Hussen’s comments appeared in their “edited format” rather than a true statement with the full context of his thoughts.

This is not only offensive to the Red Cross, it also puts the organization in a difficult spot. It is currently in the midst of a “pending review of its communications strategy” with Facebook in order “to ensure that we are providing the best possible information to Canadians,” according to a recent statement from the organization.

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