Is magic an illusion?

The reality is, magic is not always an illusion. The idea behind magic is that any sort of magical ability or object and no matter what it is (i.e. it can be an object, an object that is a spell, an object that is a wand/wand/whatever and any other object that can perform a spell) can be used in a magical way. While magic has many definitions and even some very basic ones as listed below could be considered magical, it generally does not require a human being, magic itself, nor the object itself to perform a spell.

In order for a spell to be considered a spell it has to be said to be a spell and thus by definition must have a source source of magic that gives it power over matter. That is magic requires a great deal of things to manifest themselves in the “real” world according to its definition of magic. So if no one exists to actually give a spell power over “matter” or create a magical object that is a magic object to perform a spell then the spell is considered to be an illusion. As an example, in real life a simple paper clip could be used to perform a spell just like a wand can. As the paper clip is very simple it does not require many things (i.e. an item, source of magic, etc.) to do the same thing. But in a magical world when the paper clip was used against Harry Potter it would have caused a great deal of magic and possibly altered his body, mind, etc. So it would not be considered to be a spell in Harry’s case.

So when people are talking about the “force” within a magic wand or wand of any description they are talking about the use of force. The power of the object and its ability to perform a spell.
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A paperclip or any other item that does not manifest the power of a magic object (i.e. wand) will work just like any other wand in a magic world.

So why is it called magic? It is because magic is an action that requires physical energy to operate it can be a form of magical energy when enough “energy” is present. Magical energy is also known as pure or non-magical. Magical energy is not like any other type of energy. Any form of energy that can operate within a physical container, or other physical object such as a crystal, glass, metal, or another solid can be called magical energy. Even the energy contained in a wand or