Is Magic a religion?

Magic is a spiritual phenomenon that exists in the human mind. This means that even though one believes in a particular God or Devil, the belief in such beliefs should not be defined by a set of rules that one must obey in order to gain magical powers. Rather, the belief in Magic should be a matter of belief and not of the rules.

For example: you believe in magic because it is something you believe in as a matter of belief, not because there are rules you can or cannot break when performing it.

In this article, we will examine the five main ideas of how Magic operates, and the main differences between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Magic a religion?

A: Yes. There are many religions out there, some of which are more or less literal to their concepts, some not. But the important thing to keep in mind as you consider these matters is that Magic is part of a religion, and its rules and beliefs should be consistent, not at odds with those of other religions.

Q: Which “God” is God?

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A: Each of us believes he exists, and we all believe in a God. But we each believe that God himself exists outside of himself, and does not exist in space or time (this means we cannot talk about Him). Therefore, the question becomes, “Which God?” (This would be the same question for you if you believed you had to obey the laws of gravity – you’re looking for a rule that will let you go through space and time without needing to obey laws).

The answer depends on what you want to do with the answer… whether to answer the question “Which God,” or whether to answer “No God.” (You could be a bit confused by this statement because it isn’t clear about what the distinction should be between no god and a god to you, that has no rules and does not exist outside of you. But, this is a different question, and we will deal with it in the discussion of Gods.)

Q: Which “God” is a Devil?

A: It all depends on the person. Some believe that because a particular God exists, a particular Devil exists as well. This means that the Devil is also a “God,” and in the same way as if there were a set of rules that you follow, then a Devil would also exist within those rules. But the difference between God and Devil lies in the ways in which the Devil