Is Magic a religion? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks With 1089

The question of what religion a person should be is one which has been debated ad infinitum, and in no way is simple, as religions are often used as political tools and tools in the service of groups, ideologies, or ideologies and the like.
I am not sure that I want to define the word religion as simply “religion” or that all religions are equally valid (if only because the word religion seems to have gained more popularity with politics), but a religion does tend to go in two general directions; one, it is the belief, the other, it is the way people act. My belief is that you belong to any one of these two groups, or at least there are things I would call the “religion” that goes through these.
But I will say this about a religion, it is the way it goes about this, not the reasons for it. The reason people come to believe in the God of Christianity is because they have seen things in their own lives of the God of Christianity, so when they find out that there isn’t any evidence for this God, then they become religious, and as a religion their beliefs are much more powerful.
Now, I’m not going to lay on the bible, because there is so much going on that religion is very easy to misunderstand. I’m just going to use something you may have heard on the radio or television (I’m not a Christian, but I have watched the whole thing) and describe the belief of it, while also providing the evidence that proves it’s a lie.
This example will have a lot of atheists saying “It’s a lie! Why would he say that?”. But I want to say it more, because we are very often too afraid to even look at a book that we know is a lie. I want to describe the problem, but I will not want to say the words out loud so that everyone can hear it, or in order for my arguments to sink.
For the purposes of this example I will describe two people, both of them are Christians, both are very convinced that god exists. The first person, who is a Christian has no idea this is a lie he has been taught for years and is told by his parents, that he must believe in god to make it through life. The second person, who is a non-believer has heard this a million times and believes that everyone should believe in god because he lives in a world of deception and evil from a god he has never seen but only

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