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Are its rituals and beliefs just as important as, or more important than, other religions? How do you reconcile the ritual aspects of the religion with the beliefs of the members?

One can imagine that one can understand the Magic religion and its rituals using only one’s imagination. One does not need to refer to a book or other printed or printed-on material for an understanding of the religion. However, this is not the case in the world of Magic, as Magic is more than simple magic. Magic is a religion. Magic rituals are not simply rituals of the Magic Gods, nor are they simply a religious practice. Magic rituals, in and of themselves, contain the power of the Magic Gods and are in some way connected to all of Magic, and therefore part of Magic.

Magic can use various ritual forms, often called “knightly rituals.” Sometimes called “magical arts,” they are rituals that use some magic to gain the ability to communicate with the magic creatures of the world – often called “magicians,” and sometimes called “mysticists.”

In addition, magic rituals are used to commune with and be influenced by divine entities. Even without the use of symbols, magic rituals can still contain all of the magic elements of an occult rite, such as ritual magic. Some magic rituals may be used for “sorcery,” in a similar way to occult rites, and may involve some use of spellcasters, though magic rituals are not restricted to specific spellcasters.

Magic does not require a religion or a formal cult. Magic has its own rules and traditions, as the Magic Gods have not specified certain rituals to be performed within the context of the religion. For example, a Magician may not perform magick rituals to produce the properties of magic. In some cases, such as necromancy, a magician may do magick to cause illness or death, either in the form of disease or death, but that’s a subject for another time. Magic is an expression of the Magic Gods, and that expression can sometimes involve things outside of any religion.

How do you decide what is and isn’t true?
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In a world of wizards, magic and wizards is all well said, and that is certainly not true of all magic. Just because there is a class of magic that you or I could qualify for and use, that does not mean that we’re doing magic. That’s just a fancy word for having powers. We are magical creatures, yes. But magic also means

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