Is levitation real or an illusion? – Easy Coin Magic Tricks For Kids

How do you stay on the surface?

You’ve seen it before (we didn’t). This is the same trick as described by the “Levitation” web site (see above).

(If you really have trouble with the levitation technique, then go to the “Real Levitation” web page and see what I did). The only difference with the real way is that some people get a little nervous when they try levitating, so they get into a little trance and then the levitation comes. Here are examples of these folks:

Here’s a guy on the streets trying some levitation:

Here’s a woman on the roof trying levitation:

Here’s a man being carried on the winds:

I hope you’re getting the idea.

You said, for example, about the man with the umbrella on the roof. He’s lying on the roof with no clothes on, and no one can see him – just a big sheet of cloud. When the wind blows, this guy’s clothes get lifted up and he’s suddenly back in the air. Some of us can levitate.

“But,” you say and continue, “I’ve seen it in movies. And in books. And in TV programs. And you just said that’s all it is, right? How can you tell if something is real?”

Okay, if an event in one book or show does not happen in real life the same way it is in TV show no matter how hard you are to find, you are probably mistaken. The same applies to TV shows:

1. I’ve seen such a thing.

2. I think it’s real, but not 100% sure.

If you can tell whether something is real or not just because you saw it in TV, or read about it in the news, than don’t be discouraged to follow the instructions provided in this section. There are numerous people who have experienced “real” experiences who don’t think it’s real (or they just never got a chance to), so you are right in assuming that it’s probably not so.

Let’s take a look at a woman holding an umbrella on the roof in front of the camera. This woman, while holding on to the umbrella with only her hands, can’t walk from the building to the top, so she holds on to it at an oblique angle, so there is some doubt whether her hands can get anywhere to hold on to

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