Is levitation possible by human?

You need a very stable temperature and no movement to produce levitation. Most scientists accept this as an impossibility.

How can you make your own levitation?

You could make a levitating box. It will work, but you will need some type of heating power source in order to operate it.

How much does levitation depend on an object to be levitated?

The closer the object is to the sun the better. The less the object is in contact with the sun, the more the distance is reduced from the sun that the object can be supported by the temperature of the sun. If you want to make a device which uses solar energy you should consider solar thermal power or electricity, in order to use solar radiation and thus produce your own energy.

How much does power vary per cubic meter between different countries?

The average electricity usage per square meter is 10 Watts in America. In Europe the average usage is 3 Watts, in Asia 1.2 Watts, in Africa 1.6 Watts. According to the World Energy Information Agency the US electricity usage of 1.35 Watts per square meter per year is not enough to provide electricity for all people worldwide.

Why is levitation impossible?

The reason of levitation is that a free body is constantly rotating around an axis of a given radius. This rotation causes a centrifugal force that pulls the object toward our line of sight. It is true that in order to produce an object with a free body without causing a centrifugal force, you need two things: a very stable temperature and no movement in order to pull it in the appropriate direction. In the most part this is not possible. As soon as there is movement your object can be pulled in the wrong direction, so there is no way to maintain an angle of rotation in such a system of rotating rods.

For more information read the articles about levitation, and the article about magnetic levitation.

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