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Yes, he has the talent to be, not only an excellent writer, but a superb magician too. Derren’s style is as mesmerising as it is intelligent, which makes for excellent television. There’s no way he could be a complete loser though; he’s not only a successful writer and brilliant storyteller — he’s also, as you’ll learn more about in this series, a gifted hypnotist. His skills have also been honed using techniques including telekinesis, hypnosis, and meditation. But what exactly makes him successful?

And so, in this second installment of the Derren Brown series, The Wizard of Oz, a man like Derren might just have the chance to be a superstar. For all the hoopla about his upcoming documentary series, he’s already got quite a legacy at the top of his game. You can’t buy a single television interview that he hasn’t done for Derren and also for all those that aren’t on camera…

But is Derren Brown a magic wizard, or just a great writer? Let’s find out…
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Wizard of Oz Derren Brown Interviews

A. The Wizard of Oz

Question: Was there any connection between the movies and the reality we would live in now?

Dr. Derren Brown: The movie characters — the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodman, the Tin Man, and Mr. Oz were based on real people and the places they lived. And in the movie, it also had a lot of little scenes in it that didn’t happen in real life. Some people like to make their stories as real as possible; they want to make it as close as possible to their true experiences. Well there’s nothing that’s more true than real life. We live in a very realistic world these days and a lot of people take pictures and film everything that they see, but for real life, it’s very rare that we would live in a world like that. Real people don’t live like that.

Q. Did you find any similarities between Oz and real life?

D. Brown: I think we’re going to find some things that are similar. Maybe there’s some little things, but I’d say there’s a lot that’s just completely different.


Question: Did the idea for The Wizard of Oz come from a particular time or place? Or did it

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