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He’s a real magician – he’s just a talented guy in an otherwise un-magical universe. But what kind of magic would he be using to make a world that has seen a number of extraordinary beings get together, do all the things together, and then just keep on going? That is a question we wanted to answer – and with the help of some magic tricks, too!

It’s an epic fantasy series that is based on Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy novel series of the same name. Derren is a high school pupil who is taken at birth and raised in the wizarding village of Tarabon. He’s the sort of outsider who might be good at magic – or at least he thinks he is. In truth, he’s just a regular boy trying to do his best – but something magical happens to him. So, with the help of his little blue friend, he embarks on an epic quest to discover his place in this magical world.

What are your plans for the future of Derren Brown?

If we raise the funds to hire professional editors for this comic, our goal for the series will be to finish the first book before Christmas 2016. We intend to get back to the drawing board, start planning the second book, and then start releasing books one by one until we reach the end of a full series.

The world of Derren Brown is a very different place from the way your everyday hero is supposed to live. In the series we will have a wide variety of different settings: magical, fantastical, and fantastically odd – or ‘unfathomably odd’. Most of Derren Brown will be set in the world of Harry Potter. We plan to release some original art in the future to celebrate the adventures of our hero in the story and to remind readers just how fantastic and strange he is!
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We also intend to bring some of our comics to print. Many of the books in this series will be designed as hardbacks, so we’ll have some cool new books in the works for fans of the series.

How can I be a part of this project?

What we require from you, the backer, is a personal commitment to help make this dream come true. A great deal of work has gone into creating the Derren Brown comic series, so the rewards offered above only represent some of the rewards that will include the full first story arc for the series. We want to give you as many rewards as we can to show your excitement for

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