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Magic: The Gathering is an electronic card game developed by Richard Garfield and Richard Garfield, and published by Wizards of the Coast. In the game, players compete to win an assortment of cards.

There is a current format for Magic, known as Standard, that is played in the format of the Magic World Championship each year. The current Standard is as follows:


Standard Structure

Each set and expansion uses a standard structure for deck building and gameplay. The format is the same for all sets and expansions; for example, two new sets are not added to the Standard. As of October 2015 the Standard format has been as follows:

Standard Structure Card Type Color Name Cost Types Card Types and Rarities Rarity Mana Cost 2 Uncommon Common 4 2 1 Black 1 Common 1 0 White 1 Common 0 0 Blue 2 Common 3 2 1 Colorless 1 Common 1 0 Green 1 Common 2 1 1 Red 1 Common 2 1 1 Colorless 1 Common 1 0 Green 2 Common 1 1 1 Yellow 1 Common 2 1 1 Blue 1 Common 0 0 Red 2 Uncommon 2 2 1 Artifact and Enchantment 2 Common 2 0 Darksteel 2 Common 0 0

The current Standard rotation includes Standard and Eternal formats (the two Eternal formats in particular). When the rotation starts in July, the Standard season will start the following June.

The last time we saw the great and evil, Doctor Doom, he was out of hell. I’m really digging the new film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and, if you’re lucky I’d like to present you with this little peek behind the scenes of its making.

As I mentioned, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has not received an official release date from Amazon yet, but I’ll just say that I’m more than willing to bet that the project will be out by the end of the month.

From what I can gather, all the pieces for this story have come together. As per usual, we’re being told that it will “reveal how a man’s scientific research into a new deadly form of ape came to be”.

So what will we see on the big screen when this movie debuts? Well, we’ll get our first good look at the characters. I’m really expecting one of the characters to be a chimpanzee. But then again, I’ve never really gotten a good look at a chimp so I’m not too worried about it in the slightest.

Here’s another nice glimpse of the ape-

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