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Magic has a current average MTGO age of 20.9 years old, with the youngest player at just under four years old. In 2014, there were 21,539 individual cards purchased in the game, with an average age of just over eight years old.

A new set is released each year, and as a result of this, the average age of the game quickly goes through a rapid aging process.

The most recent set in the game was Ice Age, and as a result, there were 7,943 individual cards purchased in the game last year, an age of only 10.8 years. This average age for a set was also the first time we had ever seen a new set drop by more than one year.

While Magic is still getting older, it’s the youngest set in the game’s history for a number of reasons. For starters, most individual cards have only been in play for less than twelve months, but the age gap between players is much smaller. Additionally, we’ve had six new expansions since Ice Age was released. The average MTGO age for the last six sets is about ten years.

Most Recent Set Release: Ice Age

As a result of this, the average age for the most recent set release has increased each year. The Ice Age set was the third most recent release in MTGO history, and at 12 years old, was the youngest set to date.

With this growth, the average age has been increasing as newer sets hit the market. The average age for the most recent set in the set rotation period is now 11.7 years, with one of the new sets set to release in November 2017.

Year Number of Sets Number of Players Percentage of Players Average Age 2000 14 6.0% 23,750 7.5% 2005 9 7.3% 21,750 8.3% 2009 7 7.5% 19,250 7.4% 2013 11 15.2% 30,250 10.0% 2017 12 22.7% 42,000 9.9%

Average Age for All Sets

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As a result of these changes, overall average age appears to be increasing, especially for sets released in 2011, 2016 and 2017.

The median age for all sets is now 22.5 years old.

The newest set in the set rotation period will be set in June, and given the fact that there have been just a handful of new expansion releases since Ice Age was published in

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