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“The Magic: The Gathering tournament format used to be something that was designed with professional and amateur players just like you and me in mind,” says David Stein, one of the co-creators and writers of the Magic: The Gathering format. “That has changed.”

Players of Modern, the other tournament format for Magic: The Gathering, which also is published by Wizards of the Coast, started playing the game in 1999 and it is now a huge part of their lives, as the game is played as fast as 50,000 people a tournament season at high levels.

The newest edition is called Magic 2013 and is based on the latest card changes since the first edition.

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From the rules to design to player interactions, “We’ve seen the format evolve significantly over the past several years with the addition of new formats like Legacy and Modern and the addition of Modern Masters,” Stein said.

Players are free to print their own decks and customize them with the cards that they have in their personal collections. But now there are plenty of online options for printing or downloading the cards through the web.

“For those that just want cards, there are many ways to get the most out of this format,” Stein said.

To see the latest rules here are updated for the new Modern Format.

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Kurniawan has played a key role in the first team success for Spurs from the age of 13 during his time at St James’ Park .

He played for the youth side in the 2010/11 season before signing with the first team at 14.

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