How does levitation magic trick work? – Youtube Magic Tricks Revealed On Agt Man

It is possible to levitate something when you draw into the circle you have made with your magic wand. It is very simple, you can use the Magic Wand, draw two hexagons onto a piece of paper, and then, after one minute, this will form a circle that you can levitate a piece of cloth over. This is called magical levitation.

Is levitation a magical or real thing?

It is a real thing? Because it is easier to produce? You could literally say that magic and reality are different things or something else?

When someone levitates a paper clip he can only manage to raise it a few centimeters. If you make it smaller, it will fly a few centimeters above the ground. But can it really be used for something?

The levitation of a paper clip can’t be used for real-time transport, but it can levitate small objects, that’s for sure. So can it do anything but levitate the paper clip?

If you imagine levitating a paper clip, you will see in it a tiny circle, and if you draw two hexagons inside those, you will have a huge circle. And what is this magic? Levitation.

The paper clip levitate something, and this is magic. But it can’t levitate anything like it can magic. So magic can’t levitate anything.

How do you know magic is really there?

When you can see something, you know it is real. So if I can tell you that you are levitating a paper clip, you can believe it. You can also tell that you don’t need to have magical powers to do it.

So when this paper clip is levitated, it is just an illusion?

Yes, that’s right.


Well, I can’t, because it is just a big piece of paper, or a piece of cloth, or some small piece of magic.

But what if you draw a whole sheet of paper and levitate it? What happens then?

A sheet of paper float? You’re in trouble. A piece of paper floats, it’s an illusion.

If a sheet of paper is levitated by magic, what happens when you put it back into the box? Do you get it back? Can it escape from its box?

If you use magic the next time you get it back, it is very impossible for it to take away

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