How does levitation magic trick work? – Magic Tricks Cards For Kids

Magic will not work on a stone that cannot be seen or felt. Levitation is accomplished by creating an electromagnetic field around a stone. The field of that particular rock acts as the shield to protect its owner and the magician.

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Can I levitate objects that are on a table?

Sure, Levitation works on pretty much any object that is on a table. Levitation does not work on furniture that only has a flat surface in it.

What are the different forms of Levitation?

There are several forms of levitation including Air Levitation, Body Levitation, and Water Levitation.

Air Levitation: This form requires the user to use their feet to move through the air, and then use the feet to pull the object to them.

Body Levitation: This form uses the user to lean against a wall, and then use their head to move from the wall to an object.

Water Levitation: This form uses a person as a guide through water and then using their legs to pull themselves up the water.

How fast can I levitate?

Levitation is done at the rate of .001″/second. .002″/second and over. Anything over 6.8’/second will result in your head falling off.

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