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Levitation spell uses the ability of magic, but it is only as effective as the mage, so it doesn’t have any effect on the actual physical form of the caster. In case of levitation, there is a limit to what a man, even a mage, can do. If a mage were to levitate, he would lose his body, but he would still be able to cast a spell using his body. A mage might even be able to create a spell so he can fly, just like a hero, but this is almost impossible to do with a man. If you want to make a man float you must put him into a specific body, which in the case of levitating would be his own body.

Also, although levitation is not an easy spell to cast, it has a way to stop it at any rate. It can only cause that a person would start to drift apart from the body of the caster, but once the caster is out of the water to start getting dry air again, it can be restored again just like it was the day it happened.

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