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How does he stay cool down there? How does he avoid going over the edge? How does he work around the danger zone? We’ll tell you. This is David’s one-man show! What could possibly go wrong?

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Be aware: This episode contains explicit language.

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There is no other way to describe my first encounter with a wild, untamed and extremely wild animal. I was visiting a local restaurant for dinner and as we were preparing the food my new best friend and I were asked to leave. We knew we couldn’t be here because the restaurant needed to move something and we would have to leave. We were told that the restaurant was going to move the next day so why leave now. She said she knew that the restaurant was moving up north to a different location so they needed to move the food because she knew we weren’t going to order anything that day anyways. This sounded like a good reason, until the next day when they came out with all our stuff and said they had to move all this stuff. They had us move our entire house to a parking lot just for the parking lot. She gave us her personal cellphone number to call when we wanted to stay the night because they were out there for a lot of days. You could tell that someone cared about us but that this was still a big deal. One of the employees even invited us and I to eat in her place and have a meal. So what was it? Some guy was standing around with a gun, some people were saying “oh he got her phone number” and some were saying “oh he already got her phone number so he’d better start shooting” etc. The guy told me to just get out and walk the rest of my dog. At that point I didn’t think all this really mattered to anyone because my dog wasn’t in my arms and I didn’t have any plans to harm her. I thought about all the people that died last week because someone else got shot right in the act of defending themselves, and how that isn’t really as dangerous as some of these people are making it out to be for some reason.

This was a really tough one to write and I don’t know how to

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