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Well the basic idea behind close up magic is that if a spell or spell part is on a spell slot when the spell effects apply, it will instantly apply to the spell part. So just when the spell effect becomes active the spell part will take effect and the effect will be applied to itself from the first moment the whole spell was cast. If the spell effect takes longer, the spell part might not be able to take effect at all. Because it’s an instant effect it does not depend on the casting time or duration. You just have to have this part on the spell slot and the effect will take effect instantly. And the instant effect is the only effect this type of magic can have.

Closeup magic will not be able to affect effects on your equipment nor will it be able to affect your own magic. This type of magic will simply bypass the effects of those effects. If you think about it, all the time magic is used on your equipment. And a lot of the time the effects are not really visible on the equipment, they simply stay there. So this type of closeup magic will allow you to do something else, such as applying effects to your own equipment. It really won’t affect your own magic and won’t help you cast other spells, but that kind of magic allows you to apply effects to your own equipment. And with closeup magic you would still have control over its effect and you can even get the effect to apply to your own equipment.

But that’s not all, closeup magic can also bypass the effects of any effects your own equipment has already. If you want to have your own effects applied to your equipments effects, close, the magic with which it will work is more like magic of choice, so if your equipment already gives you effects, close up magic will bypass those effects too.

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Closeup magic works really well in many situations. It will allow you to apply effects that are normally impossible to apply to your own equipment, allowing you to do things that you could never do without.

A good example of this is one that I used a lot in the game, how about using a skill on an NPC’s feet before they walk into water. When it came time to actually apply the effect, the foot and the water became magically connected. Now when I am using the spell on something or that NPC walking, it will allow the effect to be fully applied to the foot.

Close up magic does not work against damage. If you’re trying to take out

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