How does a pencil work? – Beginners Magic Tricks For Kids Youtube

The pencil is designed to hold pencils of varying sizes and thicknesses. Different shapes, patterns and materials can be used to make your own customized pencils. Here is a few ideas for using a different pencil shape.

The shapes shown here are used for writing on papers and are not used for pencil sharpening, because they do not require a sharpener. However, they are very useful for making other shapes of pencils like spirals and straight lines.


The scissors are used in the pencil sharpening process. Scissors are a great tool for marking away the hair or nail growth on your finger tips. This makes it much easier to make precise marks in your drawings. Be careful not to use scissors on your fingernails or to get any contact.

For drawing a spiral, use a single sharp point with a thick enough point. If that does not give you enough length, start with a thicker pencil, put your fingers into the spiral, and cut. The scissors will keep sharpening your mark and allowing you to keep sharpness the entire time until you want to make an adjustment.

For straight lines, use your fingers into a straight line, and then gradually flatten it and cut. This makes sharp lines. As you can see in the example below, I’ve smoothed the pencil’s edge on the outside and kept it sharp on the inside of the spiral.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is good for making the perfect spiral. Just put your fingers into an oval or circle pattern, and gently flatten the pencil edge while making tiny, smooth cuts. You will not need a sharpener, as the pencil is made to make straight cuts not scissors sharpness.

It is really a great tool to sharpen pencils for general drawing. It’s also very useful if you want to make a spiral that is difficult for pencil sharpening but that you can still create. The pencil will not go dull until you use your fingers to make cuts to make a straight line with a sharp knife.

Plastic Pencil

Here are some examples of plastic pencils for the spiral. These are not really for sharpening, but they do give you very sharpness without being dull.

Stamp Paper

You will need to pick your own ink, which might contain the best oils for drawing. For this exercise, try buying it at grocery stores, online, and in stores. You could also try looking for a local

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